Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Senario about Database

according to the following situation,

• You meet someone in a computer store. As a knowledgeable IT professional,
you want to help this person. He says he is looking for database software to
keep the names and addresses of his customers to do his mailings and billings.
But what he really needs is a mail-merge program.
• You call your travel agent to make your airline reservations for the vacation
you have been waiting for all year. The agent responds by saying that she cannot
do that just now because the database is down. She really means that the reservations computer system is not working.
• Here is one more. You call your cellular phone company to complain about
errors on the latest billing statement. The phone company representative says that the database must have printed some incorrect numbers. What the representative really implies is that the billing application has miscalculated the

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